The Secret of ancient Indian periods (582 Views)

Most of you will never have a question when the other units of measurement, such as unit-Measuring Unit-Lrb-Meter, km, etc.-RRB-and the unit of measuring weights-Lrb-Gram, kg, etc.-RRB -, 10, 100. What is the difference between 1000 and 60, when the difference is in the unit (such as seconds, minutes, hours, etc.) in the units of measurement (such as seconds, minutes, hours, etc.)Sometimes, when you are spending a very good time, it will also be sad why these moments are going so early, but in bad times there will be satisfaction that it is good that the hours and minutes did not belong to 100-100 Not so…!A good and bad time is the destiny of man, but the original question is that after all the scientists of the western world have understood that they set 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour? The scholars of history believe this of some ancient civilizations |Some explains the invention of ancient Egypt, which used the sun clock for the knowledge of time in their daily life, but most scholars of the modern age agree that even before Egypt, a resident of the ancient Babylon. The device used to use ‘Sexagesimal’ which counts in the number of 60 |The star knowledge of the ancient Babylon inhabitants was a high-level, with a lot of progress, but he had a lot of knowledge of his knowledge-Lrb-in which he had knowledge of the period of time-RRB -, which he had learned from the ancient sumēriyā who had been thousand years ago today. At the peak of civilization and cultureThis is the word of beliefs, some of the ‘ intellectuals ‘ and ‘ enlightened class ‘ of the modern age try to explain these theories in the centre, even if they do not have anything to do with them. |During the period of time, by taking the articles and books written by scholars around the world, you will be able to describe the knowledge of the knowledge of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, bēbilōniyā, sumēriyā, etc. While you are pleasantly surprised to know that the main base of ancient and modern period was Indian knowledge |The number of Indians who took the measure of this period-Lrb-System-RRB-in which the civilization has taken and took progress in the astrology and constellation learning | come now to make you a part of the ancient Indian period-Lrb-System-RRB-System-Lrb-System-RRB -. Informed by the main point |What is the speciality of the Indian period is that this is infallible and very subtle. In which time can be calculated from the ‘error’ to the catastrophe | such a minute count does not meet any other civilisation or culture in the world, no matter how deep you explore |One of the oldest books of Indian civilization has been given two forms of time according to the Indian system.Abstract times -: such a precise time can not be seen, nor can they be experienced with these common senses | its count can’t even be done with normal ways | Count them special type. It was done by the machinery and also used in some special scriptures such as aeronautical science and surgical science etc. |Mūrta -:. I. E. The time which is possible and can be seen from the normal senses and even experience |The Sun theory suggests that this book is 22,00,000 years old, but there are amendments and changes from time to time | it is believed that the last time it was the first time of the monument, which was given its present nature. Scholars believe | according to the sun theory the main base of this solar system (time-System) is GOD BHASKAR |According to the sun theory, the original unit is ‘ error ‘ which is equal to three hundred percent of a second. | In 1 seconds there are 3,24,00,000 ‘ errors ‘ | ‘ error ‘ from ‘ error ‘ The time of the abstract and the next time is called mūrta | in the sun theory, it is the type of time -:Sun theory time tableOriginal unit error
60 error = 1 Renu
60 Renu = 1 LOVE
60 love = 1 LĒṢAKA
60 sucker = 1 life
60 lives = 1 Vinyl
60 Vincent = 1 pulse
60 pulse = 1 Ahōrātra (day-night or 24 hours)
7 AHŌRĀTRA = 1 weeks
2 week = 1 side
2 sides = 1 months
2 months = 1 season
6 months = 1 Ayana
12 months = 1 years
4,32,000 years = Kalyug
8,64,000 years = Dvāparayuga
12,96,000 years = Treta yuga
17,28,000 years = true age
43,20,000 years = 1 CATURYUGA
71 caturyuga = 1 Manvantara (segment catastrophe) (30,67,20,000 years)
14 manvantara = 1 Brahma day (4,29,40,80,000)
8,58,81,60,000 years = a ahōrātra of Brahma = 1 creation cycleI. E. 8 BILLION 58 million, 81 million, 60 thousand years is a creation cycle | Although the planets, the nakṣatrō and the tārā are added to some additional years in this. And Brahma ji’s day is a creation of 8,64,00,00,000 years, but these are the creation of human beings and their period is according to the calculation |Indian science tells us that in this universe there are many other yōniyāṁ whose creation cycle is different | in the universe where the space has been expanded, the speed of time has become subtle | in the last article of the mysterious in the universe. The amount of space expansion of different philanthropy (In Yojana) has been described |The speed of the time is as subtle as the speed of the time has become more subtle | here the precise speed of the period is reduced to the amount of time, but it means that the residents of there are more subtle levels. The time (time) is able to see, understand, experience and suffering |The result of being able to enjoy the period of a more precise level is more than the age of its age |. Maharishi narad calculation is also subtle. According to the narad code, the ‘ attached time ‘ error is also a thousandth part of the ‘ attached period ‘, I. E. The time of 1 seconds, 32 seconds of 1 seconds will be equal toIn the subtlety of its precision narad ji says that brahma himself can not experience it, but what is the common man? It is clear that the sūkṣmatā of the time and the universe is beyond the universe. |Brahma ji’s 360 AHŌRĀTRA IS EQUAL TO 1 years of Brahma, and after his 100 years, the great catastrophe of this whole world comes to the world, then mahakal is with his mahamaya. There is no existence left there |We can easily guess how the ancient Indian knowledge was in an advanced stage, then the next time you see the watch, you will be proud of being an Indian |