Somnath Temple (456 Views)

Somnath is not some entertainment park that tourists can visit in their leisure time.
The temple is a landmark of Sanatan civilization. Every single ancient temple from western Arabia to Somnath was destroyed by Jihadi invaders who never had any honour in war.
Somnath was destroyed too.

When Ghazni destroyed Somnath temple, his poets already celebrated ir calling it the extinction of Sanatanis. They were sure Sanatan Dharma would soon be wiped off the face of earth like Arabian Pagans – but we rose up and refused to take it lying down when their civilization was about to be destroyed.

Sanatan warriors fought back, reclaimed their land and rebuilt the temple. Sanatanis have shown what their Pagan cousins did not – the determination to fight back and survive, and win.
In course of time, the Jihadis got frustrated and turned more ruthless. They destroyed it again and built a mosque on top of it. They used their power to kill, convert and wipe out Sanatanis but the Sanatanis only grew more resilient and fought back further.
The temple, thus, was destroyed at least 6 times.
We rebuilt it each time.

Converted Arabs, Ghazni, Khilji, Begada, Aurangzeb- they all attacked and destroyed the Somnath temple.
These invaders are long gone.The Mosque they built is long gone. The Somnath temple, however, still stands.
We fought them and won, they are the defeated ones but in time they’ll come back in their frustration.
We’ll have to be ready for them- for we’ve to show this world how we as world’s oldest civilization have survived against all odds and will return to the top again.