Indira Gandhi? No… ‘Maimuna Begum’! (101803 Views)

Indira Gandhi’s real name was ‘Maimuna Begum’. She lived like a Muslim all her life. Her Husband name was Feroze Khan not Feroze Gandhi. The Sultan of Saudi Arabia had invited her to Mecca. It is noteworthy that only Muslims are allowed to visit Mecca. She once told Shri. M.O. Mathai, the personal secretary of Nehru, her father, ‘I hate Hindus. I will never marry a Hindu.’

Not ‘Indira Feroze Gandhi’, ‘Indira Feroze Khan’ !
Feroze Gandhi is considered a Parsi because his mother was a Parsi before her marriage to his Muslim father Nawab Khan; but since she converted to Islam before her marriage, their son Feroze Khan is a Muslim and not a Parsi by birth. This was the reason why Kamala Nehru opposed Indira’s marriage to him.

Despite a Muslim wedding (nikah) with Feroze in a London Masjid, a fake picture of their marriage in Vedic style was published to fool the Indians !

A fake picture of Indira and Feroze marriage in Vedic style (Published to fool the Indians)
Feroze Khan married Indira in a Masjid in London. Well-known English newspapers publicized this event. When the couple returned to India, it was arranged to get a photograph of the couple married in Vedic style for publishing in India. Later all these photographs were exhibited in ‘Anandbhavan’.

Shri. M.O. Mathai, Nehru’s personal secretary has written this in his book, ‘Reminiscences of the Nehru Age’ (now banned by the Indian Government) that ‘due to some inevitable reason the otherwise prudent Nehru allowed this wedding to be performed in Vedic style despite knowing that performing an inter-caste and an inter-religious marriage in Vedic style was illegal.’

With the advice of Mahatma (?) Gandhi, Nehru changed the name of ‘Feroze Khan’ to ‘Feroze Gandhi’
When Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi learnt that Indira had embraced Islam he immediately summoned Nehru and advised him to change the name of his son-in-law from Feroze Khan to Feroze Gandhi. The purpose in this was to fool Indians that he was Parsi and not a Muslim. This was done by a renowned lawyer from Allahabad, Sir Sapru, a close associate of Motilal Nehru, in a Mumbai court by presenting an Affidavit.

Even today, mystery shrouds Feroze Gandhi’s death!
The truth is that after the birth of Rajiv Gandhi, Indira and Feroze were living separately, but did not separate legally. Feroze Gandhi perpetually harassed Nehru for money and also interfered in his political maneuvers. Nehru was fed up of Feroze’ ways and had given instructions to deny access to Feroze Gandhi to his official residence ‘Teenmurti Bhavan’. In his book Shri. Mathai writes, ‘Both Nehru and Indira Gandhi heaved a sigh of relief after the death of Feroze Gandhi’. Just as Feroze Gandhi started getting some political acclaim, suddenly in 1960 he expired. Even today his death is a mystery. Feroze Gandhi had even contemplated a second marriage, but he died before that. (An unbiased pamphlet published in the interest of Indian society, Author: R. V. Bhasin, Advocate, Supreme Court)